Trivia Tuesday

Did you know…

…that the greatest snowfall in a day measured up to 75.8 inches? That’s taller than probably most of you and was in Silver Lake, Colorado in APRIL 14-15, 1921. APRIL! The greatest snowfall in a single storm was 189 inches, and that was in Mt. Shasta, California; February 13-19, 1959. Almost SIXTEEN FEET OF SNOW in one storm that lasted nearly a week. I will never complain about Ohio weather again (DISCLAIMER: I am crossing my fingers because I know that this is a lie)

**Disclaimer #2: The above picture is a random pic off the internet; no connection to the facts whatsoever (, if you want to know–apparently, snowstorms make you more productive. Who knew? *shrugs*)

***Disclaimer #3: I did not know these facts off of the top of my head; they were found on with the following link:


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